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EPIC 2.5 Day Trip on the Top Gun 80

07-20-2018 -- 07-23-2018


We just returned from a 2.5 day trip on the Top Gun 80.  Fishing for school size tuna and hunting kelp paddies had been quite slow, so after some discussion it was decided to go for the "Bigs".  We set our heading for the BFT hunting grounds and it paid off. 


We were fishing within 5 hours of leaving the dock.  Our first night we were able to hook up and land two (2) nice BFT.  The first by Ken Vanderburg who joined the "Cow Club" with a nice 202 lb Bluefin.  Our second lucky angler was 16 year old Michael Luther who has been fishing with our group since 2011.  Michael put the hammer down and 15 minutes later landed his personal best (by far) BFT which when weighed at the dock went 192 lbs.   


Our second day was slow, with only one fish landed. 


Day three started off early with a couple of jumbos hitting the Flat Falls.  Both were landed and then the Captain decided to fly the kite with some of the Flying Fish that had been caught the night before.  After an iffy start, the Yummy Flyer was put out and a BFT took the bait.  While the fish was being fought, the Captain put out the kite with a modified "Double Trouble" putting out two Flying Fish on the rig.  Immediately it was fish on!  We had four hooked up at one time, losing only one to the prop.  Our hook to land ratio was incredible for this size fish.  We lost a total of two fish, both to the prop, out of thirteen hook ups.  This was the result of listening to our Chartermaster, Stan, and using the right equipment.  It really does make a difference.


The final tally was eleven big BFT.  The biggest BFT landed was 283 lb., with several others topping 200 lbs.   


Michael Luther with his 192 lb Bluefin Tuna.  His previous Personal Best was a 41 lb Bluefin.  Quite a jump in size.


(Pictured with L-R:  Michael, Stan Vanderburg, and Michael's grandfather, Mike Luther.

Ken Vanderburg with his 202 lb "Cow".

Pictured L-R:  Bobby Taft (Captain/ Owner), Stan Vanderburg, Ken Vanderburg, Scotty (Captain/ Owner)


A New Chapter Unfolds's official.  As of Monday, January 23, 2017, I have been nominated and I am on the Board of Directors of the C.C.A. (California Coastal Conservation Assocoation of California). The goal is to help keep our fisheries open, protect fishing zones, build artificial reefs, and help promote our sport.  I am honored to be asked and to serve with these great people.  Join the C.C.A. and help us help you, the fisherman and fisherwomen of our great state!


Just to make things clear, I am involved with the L.A. Chapter of the C.C.A. as a board member.  There are other boards being put together up and down the state to do the work that needs to be done for the conservation and enhancement of our marine resources.  I just hope that I can help to make a difference for us as a part of the big picture.


Stan With His Two Favorite Passions

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L-R: Ken Vanderburg, Brook Adrienne, Stan Vanderburg: Congrats to Brook Adrienne for winning the 800-Bass Boat drawing at the Fred Hall Show. She won the St. Croix Rod, and the Ardent Elite Reel. Tight Lines Adrienne!
Stan and his brother Ken teamed up for "2015 Anglers of the Year" honor".
Stan and his brother Ken teamed up for an impressive catch at Lake Casitas on 04-09-2016. The 28.74 pound total was good for the win. Biggest limit in years with a 9.01 kicker. If we left out the kicker, our 4 fish would have beat 2nd place by 1 1/2 lbs!
Stan with F.L. Wood, and "Big Tuna" Bill
Stan doing what he does best. Landing a big tuna.
Mike Luther, one of Stan's Charter members, with a nice salmon caught in his back yard on the Winchuck River (Brookings, OR)
Stan and Wendy Tochihara interviewing Kevin Van Damme.
Stan broadcasting on "Rod and Reel Radio"
Stan's long time friend and fishing buddy, Jeff Larson.
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