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Independence 14 Day Trip



The following items are just a guideline.  Each fisherman has their own preference of equipment, clothing, and personal items.  Feel free to bring what you feel appropriate for this trip.



Recommended Rod and Reel Combinations:

Click for link:                     Seeker Rod         Avet Reel

1- 40#             Live Bait           SS 6470             JX 6/3

1- 50#             Wahoo Iron     SS 6470H          HX 5/2

1- 50#             Wahoo Bait      SS 6470H          HX 5/2

1- 60#             Live Bait          SS 6465H           HX 5/2 Raptor

1- 80#             Live Bait          RR 80                HX 5/2 Raptor                                                  SS 1 x 3              HX 5/2 Raptor

1- 100#           Live Bait          RR 100               EXW 30/2

                                                SS 2 x 4               EXW 30/2

1- 130#           Live Bait          RR 100                SDS 50

                                                SS 3 x 5               SDS 50

                                                SS 6463 xxxxH   SDS 50


1- 100#     Trolling Outfit      6463XXH AR      EXW 30/2

The boat has rods available for your use.  Bring your favorite lures to use.


Kite Rig:   Check with landing for recommendation.  The boat will furnish these.  You just supply the rigging.


Seeker Rods, and Avet reels are major sponsors of the Independence, and are two prominent "Made in America" equipment makers. There are several other choices for equipment available to you. These combos are for your reference.


The Independence has equipment available for those that don't have their own equipment to cover all of your range of needs.  just contact the office at 619.226.6006 to make arrangements for what you may need.



Making bait is always part of the multi day trip experience.  It is a good idea to pick up a dedicated "Ahi Sabiki" style rod to keep from tangling your bait making rigs, and for the safety of you and your fellow passengers.  Here is a link to their website Ahi Sabiki Rods.  You can also find them on line at Amazon, and at Cabelas.  They are also available at most of the San Diego area tackle stores.


Recommended Terminal Tackle:


20 each HD Circle Hooks      3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 8/0, 10/0,                                                         12/0

20 each Offshore "J" Hooks  4/0, 6/0, 8/0, 9/0, 10/0, 11/0


Mustad, Owner, Gamakatsu, and Rapala/ VMC (8382 Nemesis) all make a quality line of hooks to choose from. Ringed hooks can give your bait a livlier presentation, especially in the warmer water we will be experiencing.  


Bait Catchers:

Sabiki Rigs:         6 ea                Yozuri, Owner, Izorline

Squid Catchers   6 ea                Various Styles Available



Torpedo:   6 ea.                   2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz

Sliding:      6 ea.                   1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz

Splitshot:  1 Pkg                  PSS-2



Medium/ Large                    Tony the Tiger, Dorado,

                                               Black/ Purple, Black/ Orange

                                               Check with Landing for hot                                                        colors


Iron:  Popular colors:  Blue/ White, Blue/ Chrome,

Dorado, Scrambled Egg, Baby Poop

Check with the landing for the "Hot" colors.

Heavy:                                  Salas 6X, 6X Jr, PL68 Glow

Wahoo:                                Captain Jimmy's, Salas, Catchy

Surface:                                Tady 45, Salas 7X

Slide/ YoYo                          Mega Bait

Flat Fall Jigs                        Various Colors

Single hooks work best for tuna


Check out the  "Bait Wrap" lures for an optional choice. You can see what they have at: Pacific Lures/ Bait Wrap Lures  (Click on link)

Rich has his own "Glow" formulation which will freshen up an older PL68, or any other lure.

Check out his FaceBook page under Rich Whitaker.


If you have a favorite lure that needs refreshing, contact Gary Grant at A2Z Lures, 714.318.1803, e-mail him at, and check out his FaceBook page Fishdog Custom Lure Painting.   He can turn your old lures into fish slayers.  



Rubber Bands, Extra Line, Heavy Duty Welded Rings for making Wahoo leaders

Sevenstrand wire::          #30, #40, #60, #90, #175, #275 

Sleeves:    50 each:           A-1, A-2, A-3, A-7 


Personal Items:

Pack in collapsible bag for storage.

Extra shirts, and socks always come in handy

-Alarm Clock (battery operated, illuminated

-Bath Towels & Washcloths. (Microfiber type dries quickly)





-Charger Plugs for electronics

-DVD movie(s)

-Fan                   Battery operated for stateroom

-Febreze            Air Effects Spray


-First Aid Kit:  Recommendations: 

                           Aleve, Advil, etc.; Nexcare wateproof

                           Bandages; Liquid Bandage (e.g. New Skin)

                           Hibiclens Anti Microbioal Cleanser;  Triple

                           Antibiotic Cream (e.g. Neosporin);

                           Hydrogen Peroxide/ Rubbing Alcohol;                                      Loperamide; Orajel, Tums, Rolaids,                                         (Antacid), Sea Sickness Medication 



-Fishing Shirts:    At least one (1) per fishing day.

                              It will be hot so think about fast dry

                              materials.  Also, try Goodwill or Thrift                                       shops for cheap shirts you can toss away.                                 Lots to be had for a dollar or less.


-Fishing Shorts  Quick dry


-Flashlight          Small LED for Stateroom and night fishing


-Glasses               Cocktail,  Coffee Mug, Wine Glass,

                             etc.  Go Vino makes nice plastic wine                                        glasses


-Gloves                Lightweight w/ UV protection work well                                   and also protect your hands from braid                                     cuts.   Available at : GlacierGloves Cabelas

                            Bass Pro Shops, Amazon has good pricing                                 on these.  Glacier Gloves have several

                            choices.  They include lightweight, leather                                 palm, and,  Stripping/ Fighting.


-iPod, or other musical device

-iPad or Tablet

-Jacket                 Lightweight Sweatshirt or Jacket                  

-Laundry Bag     Mesh to keep from mold 


-Prescription Meds

-Rain gear        Lightweight

-Sandals           Fishing, Casual, Shower

-Shirts              Casual for travel days and meals

-Shorts             Casual for travel days and meals

-Socks               Bring extra.  Dry feet are nice!

-Sunglasses      Polarized

-Sun Screen      Sol Sunguard is designed for the fisherman.  

-Toiletries:        Floss, Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant,                                 shampoo, soap  (the all in one liquid soaps                               are convenient), nail clippers, foot/ body                                   powder, Chap Stick

-Trash Bag        33 Gallon

-Underwear      Bring extra (if you wear them).  It can be hot                           and sticky.

-Wine, etc         If so inclined.  Also, your favorite libation for                            "Cocktail Hour"

Zip Fizz             Available on line or at Costco.  Excellent for

                           replacing electrolytes after a battle with your 

                           big fish.  It really works.


Zip Lock Bags   Gallon Size 


-Optional: The boat furnishes a blanket  and pillow, but feel  free to bring your own lightweight sleeping and/ or pillow.


On Deck Needs:

-Tools:                  Dykes and/ or Duckbill Pliers, Needlenose

-Finger Tape:       One roll per fishing day

-Optional:            Fighting Belt or Harness


-Braid Line Cutter


Remember to keep hydrated.  Drink a lot of liquids.










1-800-Bass Boat Insurance
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